Perpetual Bonds can be injurious to your financial wellbeing.

03 Dec 2020

RBI asks to fully write down Rs 318.20 crore of Laxmi Villas Bank’s Tier-II bonds” “Yes Bank AT1 bond write-down: RBI says investors can’t blame regulator after enjoying high returns in good times

All you need to know about Floating Rate Funds

28 Nov 2020

Liquid funds are currently generating around 3.3% annualized return. Interest rates probably MIGHT have bottomed out & may start going up in another 6 months from today (negative for Fixed Income, we will discuss this ahead). Where should you invest in this environment in Fixed Income right now?

All you want to know about the National Pension Scheme (NPS)

24 Nov 2020

In this Article, I will be writing about NPS, it will be a long article, covering a lot of aspects. Government employees with joining date prior to 01st January’2004 are lucky enough that they will get pension and increments on pension as well. For all the new recruits who have joined government job on or after 01st January’2004...

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