Smart Beta Indices - neither entirely active nor entirely passive

10 Nov 2021

As always, before coming to the heart of this topic, would like to explain certain things. Investors today have plethora of investment options to choose from. Investors who accept their inability to pick and track direct stocks consider investing through mutual fund schemes. Mutual Funds are majorly of two types - active fund...

How to Create a CPA Exam Study Plan for a Busy Schedule?

02 Nov 2021

Most people fail the exam, not because of their intellect but because they don’t have a CPA exam study plan that motivates them to stay on track.

Hybrid Funds – fusion of volatility and stability

28 Sep 2021

Before October’2017, most of the AMCs were running multiple schemes which were too similar in strategy and in portfolio. It made the job of retail investor tougher to choose from non-standardised mandates. SEBI came up with “Categorization and Rationalization of Mutual Fund Schemes”

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