Personal Finance 101 – Common Mistakes

09 Mar 2021

In personal finance, not committing “catastrophic” mistakes has a huge role in creating wealth. Basically, most of these are traps, set by insurance agents, bank relationship managers and service providers (like insurance companies, credit card companies, banks, etc.).

Employees' Provident Fund – Understand it better

07 Jan 2021

62326821, this is not an eight-digit landline number. This number represents the number of contributing members in Employee Provident Fund Organization during the last one year. We all understand some of the features of Employee Provident Fund, but for some of the rules, either we are not clear or we are not aware. In this arti...

A to Z of Initial Public Offer

25 Dec 2020

In this article, I will write in detail about IPOs, regulations around IPO, IPO funding, Anchor Investors, Shareholder Quota, Retail Quota, grey market and some more.

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