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How to select the right Debt Mutual Fund


This is a simple, virtual product.



Content Language – Hindi

Duration – 450 Minutes (Equivalent to 2 full days training)

Videos – 34 Videos

Who is it for – Anyone in the financial services space, beginner or experienced i.e. Advisor, Distributor, Wealth Manager, AMC employee etc.

Cost – 5,900 + GST

Security Note – The login will only work on the first device you login to. So if you login using your phone, it will work only on the phone.

Topics Detailing
Building blocks of Debt – Why should you invest in debt
– Different options in debt investing and a detailed analysis
RBI Bonds
Sukanya Samrudhi Scheme
Senior Citizen Scheme
Time Deposit
Corporate Deposits
– Taxation
– Why Debt Mutual Fund over other options
– Scheme categorization
16 Schemes
Types of paper MFs
invest in & how does it
practically work
– Treasury Bills
– Commercial Papers
– Certificate of Deposit
– CBLO / TREP’s (Franklins Case Study)
– PTCs (DHFL, IL&FS & Zee Case study)
– Perpetual Bonds (AT1)(Yes Bank Case)
– Floating Rate Bonds
– Debentures / NCDs
– GSec’s
– SDLs
– Overnight Indexed Swaps (OIS)
Risk & Return – Risks in Debt
Interest Rate
Credit Risk
Side Pocketing
Credit Rating Matrix
Haircut Matrix
Which schemes should you not recommend based on the risks
Quantitative Analysis – YTM
– Average Maturity
– Modified Duration
How to pick the right
Debt Fund
– Using a 4 step process to pick the right debt fund
Macro data – 2 basic macro rules will help you narrow down on deciding between currently investing in Accrual or Duration funds
Client level fund selection – After having decided between Accrual/Duration, this will helps you select the appropriate category to invest in keeping in mind the clients requirement
Portfolio Analysis – This is the most important step where we deep dive into the portfolio to see if the investment is secured or guaranteed, the credit rating history and outlook of the paper, liquidity profile of the company and breaking down PTC’s, Zero Coupon Bonds, Perpetual & Unlisted papers in the portfolio to select the best possible portfolio
AMC level fund selection – This step will help you select the exact final fund to invest in
Other – Yield Curve & Types of yield curves
– Rolling down curve or ridding the yield curve
– Yield curve based Investing
– Live Market data watch


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