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CFA Level 1: Syllabus, Fees, Eligibility Criteria in India – in Details

Jan 16, 2023

CFA Level 1: Syllabus, Fees, Eligibility Criteria in India – In Details

The CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is noted to be a globally recognized designation presented by the CFA Institute in Delhi. To attain this certification, candidates have to go for the CFA Level 1 course that consists of the major subjects. It helps in assessing students on multiple concept levels. Whether it has to do with mathematical or accounting centric, or even financial one, CFA levels are always the prime option to consider.

After completing the course, you get to choose multiple prospects associated with the finance and investment sector on a global font. If you are making plans to learn more about CFA Course, you must always start with the basics after taking an active part in CFA Level 1. It consists of a marking scheme and exam pattern as well!

Overview of CFA Level 1:

This level 1 is easily divided into two 135-minute sessions with 180 MCQs. In between these sessions, there are optional breaks. Candidates have to take both sessions to receive exam results.

  • The first one is 90 minutes of MCQ to cover professional and ethical standards, economics, mathematical methods and financial reporting and analysis.
  • The second one is also of 90 minutes MCQs to cover fixed incomes, corporate finance, equities, portfolio management, alternative investments and derivatives.

CFA Level 1 Syllabus:

Make sure to get in touch with CFA Institute in Delhi to learn more about the syllabus covered under CFA Level 1 section. In the beginning, it will cover the basic concepts of academic disciplines related to investment and finance. The cut-off for the subjects will vary. The syllabus is mentioned below for your reference:

  • Financial ethics
  • Financial reporting analysis
  • Equity investment
  • Fixed income analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Economics
  • Portfolio management and wealth planning
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative investment

CFA Level 1 Fee:

Once you are sure of the subjects under CFA Level 1, it is time to focus on the CFA Fees in India for the same level. It is hard to pinpoint the rate as it differs based on the college you have chosen.

  • Overall, the CFA Level 1 Fees in India will be somewhat around 33,722 rupees as the enrolment fee.
  • Then you have to pay around 52 456 rupees as an early registration fee.
  • Under the standard registration fee, you need to spend somewhat around 74,938 rupees over here.

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CFA Level 1 Eligibility criteria:

If you are interested in taking an active part in CFA Level 1, then focusing on the eligibility criteria is important. Some of the major prerequisites are listed below to follow:

  • The candidate should complete his undergraduate degree, and the ones in the final year are also eligible.
  • The candidate must submit over two reference letters from established professionals in the investment and finance fields.
  • There should be 4 years of working experience in any finance-based career, or it can be a combination of university education and employment for a total of 4 years.

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Once you have these points sorted out, you can always jump straight for the CFA level 1 exam preparation.


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