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Jan 17, 2023

In recent times it is witnessed that India has been among the leading countries in the world in the field of academics and learning. India has been consistently growing and developing in the field of academics and learning. This is because it is seen that in-order to grow and maintain sustainable development, it is necessary to flourish immensely in the field of academics and learning. Academics play a very pivotal role in shaping the economic as well as the social structure of a nation. India has done a great job at adopting and adapting to its fundamentals when it comes to academics. There has certainly been a vast development in the economical aspect of India. There is great amount of prosperity of a nation when the economic structure is maintained and stable. Therefore it is very important for a nation to constantly grow in the field of finance and economy. India has a wide range of courses to offer in the field of finance. This helps the aspirants to choose from the many options laid forth. So we have listed down some of the best courses available in the field of finance in India. The top 5 financial advisor courses in India are as follows.

1) CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst:
The Chartered Financial Analyst degree is one of the most difficult ones to crack but is most certainly a rewarding one to possess. The CFA course is considered to be one of the most important course in the finance industry. In fact, in the financial services world, the CFA course is thought to be of an equivalent course to that of a 5 year long MBA in Finance course. The CFA degree holder is often seen as one of the most respected, valued and important member of the company. The inputs of the CFA degree holder are considered essential for the growth and development of the company as he has an in depth knowledge about the financial market.

2) CFP® – Certified Financial Planner:
The certified financial planner courses is one among the many top rated courses in the study of finance in India. The CFP® Certification provides a detailed knowledge about the financial industry. The CFP® degree holder is considered to be an essential person in the finance industry because he is well equipped with wealth and asset management. The CFP® Certification provides deep knowledge by rigorous training in various different aspects of finance, such as tax planning, insurance planning, estate planning, etc. Consider the CFP® to be the best bet people have when it comes to maintaining wealth and other assets.

3) CAIA – Chartered Alternate Investment Analyst:
The chartered alternate investment analyst is not only recognized in India but is also recognized all around the world. As the name suggests, this course holds a lot of weight in comparison to the other degrees involved in the finance courses. The chartered alternate investment analyst is known to be the the most important as person as he has a lot of knowledge about the finance market and it’s various other aspects. This course provides a broader perspective in the study of finance. The CAIA degree holder is globally recognized for his spectacular knowledge in finance, demonstrated expertise and global credibility when it comes to alternatives.

4) FRM – Financial Risk Manager:
An FRM is someone who is a specialist at risk management. The FRM degree holder is one of the most well reputed and respected persons in the company or a society. This course is generally very difficult to crack and hence the credibility of people that crack it is unquestionable. Holders of this certification are often likely to be found working in banks as risk analysts. They can also deal with private clients that require financial tips and advice. The inputs of this certification holder prove to be very effective as they have great understanding about the market as well as the risk factors that are involved. Such people are considered to be an important asset. To get an FRM degree, candidates are required to pass a two part, 8 hour long multiple choice tests. This test is administered by the GARP. The test is so tough that the pass rates are often below 50%.

5) CMFC – Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor:
If you are looking to invest specifically in mutual funds, you may want to work with a charted mutual fund counselor as they are trained and well equipped in the field of Mutual Funds. Holders of this designation are experts in mutual funds at an extent that they are well renowned and respected in the finance industry. To become a CMFC, candidates must complete a 10-week long course and then pass respective exams administered by the College for Financial Planning. Coursework specifically prepares designees to understand the complexities of the field of mutual funds and other packaged investment products. Therefore the CMFC degree holder is considered to be of great value if you are looking for your investments to attain a good amount of growth over the course of time. This degree is certainly very valuable.

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