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Ways to Become a Certified Management Accountant

Jan 16, 2023

There are so many out there who would like to be a Certified Management Accountant but have no clue how to become one. There are multiple misconceptions out there that becoming a CMA is pretty difficult. But, once you have enrolled your name for the best CMA Course under the best institution, you will be guided throughout the way to achieve your results in no time.

CMAs are rightfully high in demand these days, and the supply is pretty low right now. So, if you are able to bag the certificate, there are so many bigger enterprises waiting to give you the best job role possible. Becoming one talented CMA is attainable, and you need to follow some plans to get to your motive within a short span of time.

Be sure to meet the CMA educational needs first:

To become a CMA, you must have your Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university. You can get a professional certification for that.

  • The CMA candidates, who enrol in CMA Classes in Mumbai, come from various backgrounds. But the common degrees will include general business, finance, economics and accounting.
  • You can even opt for the CMA exam before you can even earn your degree. For that, you need to enrol in the course module.
  • However, maximum candidates choose to earn their professional certificate first before moving on with the CMA classes.

Pay to be an IMA member:

To become eligible for the CMA certificate, you need to be an active member of IMA or the Institute of Management Accountants. You can start this process by choosing the best membership plan suitable for you. Some of the chosen options around here are

  • IMA Professional Members
  • IMA Student Members
  • IMA Academic Members

Now for the staff enrollment based discounted program:

It is true that the IMA is here to offer a discount on the annual fee when the firm signs up 5 or more staff members. This program will present around 15% discounts on the IMA membership rates.

Here, the members will have full access to all the IMA amenities, and that includes continuing education, networking, CMA certification and many more.

Joining the CMA program:

You need to join hands with CMA Institute in Mumbai and become a part of the CMA program available in this belt. For that, you need to pay the non-refundable fee for the certification program. This fee is a permission note to sit for the exam. The prices will vary based on the IMA membership you have.

  • When the payment is made, it will take variable time to get the CMA certified tag you are working so hard for.
  • The time depends on the type of CMA prep course you are going for and how easily you can work through the material.
  • It takes around 3 years of time from the time to enrolment to complete the CMA program and pass both parts of the exam.

Follow these points, and you can become a Certified Management Accountant in no time. Reliable educational institutes are here to help.

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