Understanding the Background of CFP Program Study


Jan 17, 2023

What is CFP® Program?

Do you aspire to work in multinational company in USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Singapore and many more? Well, usually when you wish to work in foreign countries you are required to have really top-notch educational background and degree or certification from international universities/institutions. That is why most of the students take expensive education loan to study abroad and truth is: not every deserving student can afford it. Should you simply leave your aspirations and compromise? Not anymore. With CFP® program, you can do certification here in India which is recognized in 25 countries.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Program (CFP®) is considered to be foremost certification across the world for financial planning. As soon as you complete this CFP® Program you become CFP® in India and twenty five other countries at the same time. It is simply incredible as you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars yet you get highly credible and recognized certification. The most exciting part of CFP® is that you can choose to go to a variety of financial institutions and work in your favorite domain.  You can opt for a career in diverse areas such as Banking, stock broking, Insurance, Tax & Accounting, Mutual funds, wealth management, Portfolio management, financial planning services, and many other financial services. Most importantly, you can start your own financial planning advisory services.

CFP® program can be perused by any graduate in any stream, any professional and interestingly by a higher secondary, i.e. 12th, pass student as well. Hence, if you carry a determination for building a successful career in finance then you can start right now whether you are finishing up your graduation, on regular job and wish to upgrade or change your line, or passed your school and looking for right direction to pursue. Once you choose to go ahead with CFP® study then there is no looking back, you will have to be ready to put your honest efforts to excel in this competitive and challenging exam.

You need not to feel intimidated that this certification is too hard to crack, keep in mind that this CFP® program makes you qualified to work internationally, so it has to be rigorous and comprehensive. All you need is right guidance, solid study material and extensive mock tests and, of course, your hard work. Well, putting hard work is in your hand but rest of things are not, if you are not guided well you may not clear exam in your first attempt and this may demotivate you and lower your confidence level. Since you are making a smart choice of choosing to do CFP® program, now take another life changing decision to join in financial planning academy for CFP® study preparation. FPA’s CFP® Program is very extensive to make sure students get best exposure to clear certification in the first attempt.

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