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More About the Top Accounting and Finance Courses in India

Jan 16, 2023

For the past couple of years now, the Indian economy has witnessed some rapid growth, and this has led to increased demand for accountants within the country. Every big or small organization is in need of financial accountants, whose main job is to maintain the balance sheets, prepare proper budget plans, audit, financial turnovers and business liabilities.

The promising accounting courses will help in imparting skills and knowledge in various areas of finance and accounting. There are multiple courses available that can be pursued by any individual after completing the Higher Secondary or even the Graduation sector. So, let’s focus on those top-most courses to get into.

Certified Financial Planner course:

You have the CFP® Course or the Certified Financial Planner certification course, which is available for a period of 6 months to 2 years. The main goal is to impart knowledge in the Financial Planning field and is mostly presented by Financial Planning Standards Board.

The basic eligibility criterion is the 10+2 passing marks from the recognized board.
Aspirants must also clear the CA or Intermediate level, ICWA, CAIIB, CS and more for applying through Challenge status.
Here, the candidate has to clear only the 5th exam to earn the certificate.

CMA USA Course

Well, you have the CMA USA Course or the Certified Management Accountant certificate level. It is the highest certification course in management accounting, which is then awarded by the IMA USA or the Institute of Management Accountants.

  • This US CMA Course is mainly a globalized recognized one.
  • It has an advanced level credential, which is perfect for financial professionals and accountants in the said business.

ACCA Course

The time has come for you to take an active part in the ACCA Course. This course module will cover multiple aspects of the CA or Chartered Accountancy.

  • Some of those areas are financial management, business finance, taxation, auditing, financial reporting and accounting.
  • The program will have 13 exams in total where the candidates need to be part of 3 levels – skills, professionalism and knowledge.

CFA Course

The full name of this course is Chartered Financial Analyst, and it is available on three different levels. You will need your bachelor’s degree as the only eligibility to be an active member of the CFA Course over here.

  • If you are focusing on investment management, you get to master it through this source module.
  • However, CFA modules are not just for learning and skill levels but also for consistency and patience.

CPA US Course

The CPA US Course is a license which is issued by any one of the States out 55 states of the USA. The license will give the professionals a chance to practice as public accountants in any particular state or region. The program helps in filtering qualified and talented people and helps them to practice as accountants.

These are the top-level accountant courses in India that you must give out a try. It is one proven way to get your career rolling and starting.

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