How to Become a Certified Financial Planner


Jan 17, 2023

To be a successful Certified Financial Planner you need to get Certified Financial Planner Certification which is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, examination, experience, and ethics. That is why it aspired by individuals who are serious about a career in Finance. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and respected by the global financial community. FPSB India is the principal licensing body that awards CFP® Certification in India through an agreement with FPSB Ltd. CFP® Certification is the highest level of Certification worldwide in the field of Financial Planning with over 100000 CFP® Certificates and widely respected by consumers, professionals, and industry. By passing the CFP® Certification Examination, the candidate demonstrates to the public that he/she has the required level of competency to practice Financial Planning.

CFP® Certification is awarded by FPSB Affiliates to competent & qualifying candidates fulfilling the 4 E Criteria of CFP® Certification like:

Education: A candidate must complete academic coverage of the Financial Planning curriculum by undergoing the 6 Module CFP®CM Certification Education Program through an Authorized Education Partner and pass corresponding Exam 1-4 facilitated by NSE.

Examination: Appear for the examination. The CFP® Certification Examination is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to apply Financial Planning knowledge to real-life Financial Planning situations. CFP® Study Material will thoroughly prepare you for this exam.

Experience: A candidate needs to have to have 3 years of full time experience working with the public in some area which involves financial planning. It could be in handling investments, counseling people about their retirement, selling insurance, doing financial planning, preparing plans, presenting plans or teaching of same.

Ethics: To get the CFP® Certification, candidates after meeting Education, Examination & Experience criteria must agree to abide by FPSB India’s Code of Ethics, Rules of Professional Conduct, and Practice Standards & Disciplinary Rules & Procedures.

Once certified, successful CFP® candidate must fulfill the Continuing Education (CE) requirement to stay current on Financial Planning strategies, products, and trends affecting their clients. This demonstrates to the public that the candidate has kept himself /herself abreast of developments in the Financial Planning field. Finally, a candidate fulfilling the rigorous initial & ongoing CFP® Certification criteria and after paying the Annual CFP® Certification Fees is authorized by FPSB India to use CFP®, Certified Financial Planner & CFP® flame logo collectively known as CFP® Marks in his/her publishing material and communications.

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