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Financial Planning Academy (FPA) has been established to disseminate Financial Education to the aspiring individuals who are keen to make a career in Finance.

FPA is student-focused, result-driven and committed to helping individuals achieve their educational and career goals.

Whether you are a college student trying to master basic skills in finance or you are a working professional trying to upgrade your knowledge, FPA helps you achieve your career goals and dreams.



Placements – Current Openings

Vibrant Securities Pvt ltd

Accounts and Compliance Department@Vibrant Securities Pvt ltd

Current openings: 1

MFINS Pvt. Ltd.

Business Development Manager@MFINS Pvt. Ltd.

Current openings: 1

Finrise Financial Planners

Financial Planner@Finrise Financial Planners

Current openings: 1

Proficient Financial Planners

Associate financial planner @Proficient Financial Planners

Current openings: 1

Research & Ranking

Wealth Counselor @ Research & Ranking

Current openings: 1

Research Analyst

Research Analyst @Vibrant Securities Pvt ltd

Current openings: 1

Smart Solutions

Associate Financial Planner@Smart Solutions

Current openings: 1

Vivek Damani

Sr.Manager – Operations@Vivek Damani

Current openings: 1

Alumni 762