Jan 17, 2023

As students come closer to the end of their graduation exams, there is a sense of accomplishment and at the same time a tensed feeling. Accomplishment for having successfully achieved great heights in their academic career so far and tension for having to decide upon a professional course or degree. This is because higher education is what defines a student’s career pathway and plays a crucial role in forming his or her career.

If you too are having the same dilemma, here’s a list of some of the courses that you can pursue, depending upon your preferences. Take a look below to read more:

Diploma in Banking and Finance by IIBF:

In the coming years, there is going to be an immense increase in the requirement for qualified manpower in the finance and banking sector, both domestically and overseas. Companies would require professional help and manpower that have technological skills and expert knowledge about the banking and finance industry. Taking note of the current and future demand that will be generated, Diploma in Banking and Finance by IIBF can be the career that will help you grow professionally in the banking sector. For this very reason; IIBF has designed a course for aspiring students who would want to grow a career in Banking.

The certification program will help aspiring students in many ways. It can help them know about the operational, administrational and sales processes in the banking environment so that they are ready for their career in the banking industry. The students pursuing Diploma in Banking and Finance will always have a competitive advantage over other students and will increase the potential opportunities for banking jobs. The Indian Banks Association have considered this course to be one of the best and has approved it as a desirable qualification for multifarious banking jobs.

Certified Financial PlannerCM by FPSB India

Certified Financial PlannerCM (CFP®CM) by FPSB India is also considered to be one of the fastest growing careers, not only in India but globally. The CFP®CM qualification is regarded as a Gold Standard and gets its holder recognition and credit across a diverse range of financial organizations in 26 nations around the globe. There are presently over 1, 00,000 CFP®CM Charters universally and around 1200+ CFP®CM s in India. As per present diligence approximations, the necessity for financial consultants will be about 50,000 in the coming years.

The increasing Demand of the course:

A growing figure of international banks such as ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, American Express Bank and others have made it obligatory for their Relationship Managers to obtain the CFP®CM certification in order to increase the present service values to the best of the levels. Controlling bodies like SEBI, IRDA, PFRDA etc. are also slowly teaching and reassuring consumers to consult CFP®CM s for their monetary needs. Alongside with this, it has been seen that students with CFP® qualifications are given first preference when it comes to recruitment processes.

We hope this article has put some light on courses that can be beneficial for your future.

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