Career Prospects for Certified Financial Planners


Jan 17, 2023

The Certified Financial Planning course is an enriching option if you are looking for short-term courses in finance. The CFP® certification is conferred to individuals who are well-versed in the concepts of financial planning, risk analysis and a deeper understanding of ethics. The CFP® Certification is widely recognized worldwide and is one of the prestigious courses accepted and respected by the global financial community.

Financial Companies give preference to Certified Financial Planners  over other applicants. Thus, the CFP® certification helps an individual to be a leading applicant while applying for jobs in finance sector. The CFP® certification also enables a person to work globally.

The FPSB India is the principal licensing body awarding the CFP® Certification in India through an agreement with FPSB Limited, United States of America. The CFP® Certification is apt for students who are looking for lucrative courses after graduation in commerce.

Benefits of Certified Financial Planning Course:

  1. With the host of financial products available online, people want financial advice from professionals. Therefore getting CFP® certified is beneficial for students looking for finance jobs.
  2. It is one of most prestigious and globally accepted Financial course worldwide.
  3. It empowers students to offer comprehensive financial services and advisory to individuals.
  4. It is a gratifying and satisfying career experience for students looking for courses after B.Com.
  5. The CFP® certification is accepted over in 26 countries.
  6. It helps an individual to gain expertise in Financial Planning.
  7. The modules of this CFP® Certification cover in-depth dynamics of the topics of Financial Planning like Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Tax & Estate Planning.
  8. The course helps an individual to accelerate their career growth as there are only 1,70,000 CFP® across worldwide.
  9. CFP®  has earned the rating of “One of the best Jobs” by U.S. News and World Report, in the year 2012.
  10. A CFP® professional is in demand in the Banking Sector, Asset Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Brokerage firms and Financial Planning firms.


Job opportunities:

If you are a student  looking for a rewarding career after B.Com, then the CFP® certification will open a flood of opportunities in the area of:

  • Private Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Fund Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Products designing
  • Financial Product marketing
  • Investment consultancy
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance products
  • General insurance
  • Financial Advisory services
  • Estate Planning

These are some of the areas where a Certified Finance Planner is in need, and the levels of remuneration differ in the market.

Once an individual obtains the CFP® certification, they should be in constant touch with the changes in Financial Planning strategies, products and trends of the market to provide their best advisory services to their clients. The Certified Financial Planning Course is one of the best avenues to enjoy a lucrative career for individuals looking for courses after graduation.

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