5 Reasons to Invest in a CFA Course from Renowned Institutes

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in CFA Course From Reputed Institutes

Jan 16, 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In CFA Course From reputed Institutes

Finance is an inseparable part of any organization’s working process. If you aim to have a career in the finance sector, then it is essential to prove your worth to the companies that will hire you. Most of you know that the certifications matter the most in such cases. CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is an international qualification with global recognition in the field of finance. It’s time to know why you should invest in a worthy CFA Course to pass the exam and acquire the certificate.

1. Know about the course structure
Before you start preparing for an exam, especially the ones to acquire professional certificates, it is crucial to ensure that you know the exam structure thoroughly.

CFA exam course has three prominent bifurcations:

  1. Level 1
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3

The first level is the most challenging one as it is the one that aims to build the logical and analytical mindset of the aspirants.

2. Analysing Level 1

The first level will seem to be the toughest one to many of you. That is why it is essential to join a reputed online course that will help you to understand the structuring of the CFA Level 1 syllabus and then cover each section diligently.

  • The course comprises 15-20% Ethical and Professional standards.
  • Then you have to learn Economics (8-12%) and the Quantitative methods (8-12%)
  • Finance courses are incomplete without financial reporting and Analysis (13-17%)
  • Corporate finance (8-12%) and Equity investments (10-12%) are vital
  • Then comes derivatives (5-8%), Fixed income (10-12%), and Alternative Investments (5-8%)
  • Last but not the least, Portfolio management and Wealth planning (5-8%)

These details will help you to understand which areas to focus on while studying and how the questions cover the sections.

3. Interactive classes are effective
Once you have acquired the basic knowledge about the syllabus, it is necessary to concentrate on each segment the live classes help in interactive studies that will help you understand in-depth.

Moreover, you can get the opportunity to learn the important parts again and again with recorded class facilities available with most of the reputed training institutes. Additionally, you will get the course materials to help you completely understand the chapters.

4. Complete career support
It is about understanding the basic CFA Course Details, and the support from the institutes go on as long as you don’t get a placement. Job assistance is a key part of the courses you will join in preparing for the exam. The complete support will help you be confident as long as you don’t get a job.

5. Affordable
While many are spending 5-8 lakhs to pursue MBA, you can complete the certification within approximately 2-3 lakhs. The CFA Course Fees in India is, thus, quite reasonable. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get a high-paid job. In fact, the starting salary can be anywhere between 6 to 10 lakhs.

Therefore, you can now pursue the courses with the firm belief that the investment will bring you the maximum return.

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