How do I get a job in a Bank?

26 Nov 2015

Most of us are keen to make a career in the banking sector. Since time immemorial, a job in a bank is looked upon prestigiously & secures financial stability for an individual and his family. However, most aspirants are clueless as to how does one get a job in a bank? The article here makes an attempt to address this same questi...

Keen to make a career in the private bank?

08 Oct 2015

A PGCB is an autonomous certification designed by various institutions after due consultation with the representatives of the banking sector. The program focuses on making an individual understand the nuances of the banking sector.

What next after B.Com?

24 Sep 2015

PGCB is a good alternative career opportunity, for those who are keen to make a career in the banking sector. So, before you sign up for any professional program, after your graduation, make sure you answer the question, “What If…” Always have a Plan B in place.